Workshop & Webinar Themes

We have developed a series of webinars which break down a fuller Speak Up Club course into smaller chunks suitable for online learning. You can access them as a member of the general public through ticketed webinars. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming courses. If you want to organise a learning experience for your company or community group, the following workshop and webinar themes can guide you. You might find the perfect thing you are looking for, or wish to use these to build a tailor-made package on request. Look at each theme as a building block and put together the perfect package for your needs.

Managing Anxiety Around Meetings


Do you dread your turn to speak at a meeting or on a Zoom call? You're not alone! It's the most common problem that comes up in Speak Up Club workshops. You'll learn simple but effective exercises that will calm you down, and build your confidence way up. 

Presence & Power // Body Language Secrets


What is it about some people that makes people listen when they speak? We'll delve into the universally understood non-verbal cues that will make your presentations more impactful. 

The Elastic Speaker


It's every public speaker's worst nightmare--losing your place in your speech and freezing up. I've developed a special technique called 'The Elastic Speaker Method' which will bring you through a process of how to rehearse any keynote speech or presentation so that no matter what the circumstances, you will never freeze on stage. 

Are You Sitting Powerfully? 


Learn the body language secrets to make more of an impact at meetings and on Zoom calls. You'll learn the difference between sitting comfortably and sitting powerfully, and learn how to increase your personal power and presence with just a few simple shifts.