Show them who’s boss: women, leadership and embodying power

Women in the workplace face more challenges to attain leadership positions and to transmit their power effectively—body language and visual signposting can help.  It’s sad really, that there is an organisation called ‘The 30% Club’, aiming to increase women’s participation in the higher echelons of business leadership. It’s sad that in this day and age, a mere 30% is our …


The Guilty Feminist Podcast on Visibility, with Aisling Bea

If you haven’t listened to The Guilty Feminist before, you’re in for a treat. Tackling a weighty subject with a lot of humour, the host, Deborah Frances-White begins every episode with “I’m a feminist but…” and outlines some ways in which her feminism is flawed and imperfect (they frequently involve fancying Jon Hamm). This episode features Irish comedian and actor Aisling …

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