Is working from home making imposter syndrome worse?

Webinar: Unpacking Imposter Syndrome

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In this webinar Deanna O’Connor looks at what Imposter Syndrome is, how to shift the negative attitudes that underpin it, and how systemic bias and workplace culture can affect it.

Signs of imposter syndrome include:

  • Doubting yourself and your abilities
  • Being unable to accurately assess your competence and skills
  • Attributing your success to external factors
  • Criticising your own job performance
  • Being afraid of disappointing

Research has shown that 70% of adults in the US and 77% of adults in the UK have suffered from feelings of Imposter Syndrome at some point in their lives. It can make outwardly successful-seeming people feel like frauds who do not deserve their success and live in fear of being exposed.

Watch the webinar to understand more about Imposter Syndrome and how workplace culture can affect it. For further reading check out these tips for business leaders to alleviate imposter syndrome in the workplace, and more advice for employees who are struggling with imposter syndrome.