The Speak Up Club offers a range of tailored corporate workshop options, either in your HQ or offsite. 

Due to the way the world has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic, we are currently offering a range of webinar workshops. Check out some of the themes here.

The vision behind The Speak Up Club is to create a wider social impact by collaborating with corporate partners on their CSR initiatives.  Along with working within your organisation for greater equality in the workplace, our wish is that you also sponsor a workshop for, or invite in some women whose voices are even less heard in society. It could be for a women’s refuge, a direct provision centre or for schoolgirls. If you are thinking of booking a workshop for your company, please consider if you can contribute towards this goal. 

What happens in a workshop?

Minimum group size: eight people.

There are three main parts to each workshop:

1. Play: Ice-breaking, vocal warm-up and confidence-building exercises.     

2. Learn: Teaching element–tips, tricks and strategies. This can be tailored to requirements, if attendees wish to focus more on PowerPoint presentations or Keynote Speech styles for example. 

3. Practice: Attendees may wish to workshop their own presentations or speeches. Practice speeches can also be provided.
Optional: video review and one-on-one feedback sessions. 

Choose from: 

Two-hour Introduction to Public Speaking Skills Workshop

An empowering space for women to learn how to find their voice and use it, gaining confidence and learning the tricks used by the most natural-seeming public speakers in the world. 

Four-hour Intensive Public Speaking Skills Workshop

Delving deeper, we drill down into specific types speaking, from presentations to keynotes, and workshop each individual’s style and presence.  

Full-day Intensive Public Speaking Skills Workshop with One-on-One Video Review  

On a full-day workshop, the second half of the day can either be spent continuing the journey of the Intensive workshop (recommended for larger group sizes) or spent giving detailed feedback, either in a group setting or one-on-one. 

Please email for a quote.