Webinar: The Elastic Speaker Method

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The Elastic Speaker Method is a simple but powerful technique developed by Speak Up Club founder Deanna O’Connor to coach people for public speaking engagements. It will bring you through the process of how to rehearse any speech or presentation so that, no matter what the circumstances, you will never again ‘fear the freeze’.

Webinar: Managing Meeting Anxiety

admin Calming nerves, Confidence, Conquering fear, Meetings, Webinar

Do you ever get nervous before it’s your turn to speak at a meeting? You sit there rehearsing what you’ll say and then your mind goes blank once you open your mouth. It’s a common problem. In this webinar we’ll look at simple but effective techniques to boost your confidence and comfort at real life and virtual meetings, so that you can remain calm, poised and confident and get across the points you want to make, whether it’s in a real-life setting or on video or conference calls.