The Speak Up Club

Nervous about public speaking? It’s normal. The Speak Up Club is here to help. 

The Speak Up Club was founded to create a safe and empowering space for women to find their voice, to empower them to become leaders in business and the community. 

With the Speak Up Club you can find your voice and practice using it. Grow your confidence for public speaking, work presentations, speeches and job interviews, in a friendly environment. 

Hear from inspiring women who have mastered the art of making themselves heard at the highest levels in business and public life. 

Practice speaking in front of a receptive and non-judgemental audience—at The Speak Up Club we’re all in it together. 

There’s no pressure and you can just listen if you want. 

Come join The Speak Up Club. Find your voice, use it, and be heard. 

T h e  S p e a k   U p   C l u b   @   G l a n d o r e   B u s i n e s s  C e n  t r e ,   D u b l i n.